Trails are a main feature near and within our Village, calling to locals and visitors alike to explore by walking or hiking around. In recent years we have expanded our local trail networks to connect our main trail in Sunset Park through to our community centre (conveniently across the road from the newly developed trail at the Museum). This criss-crossing over the heart of our community opens up access to our parks and recreation areas, besides providing convenient shortcuts to get too and fro.

In total there are three trails within our municipal boundaries: the Millennium Park Trail located in Millenium Memorial Park, the Museum Trail located at the Port Clements Museum and the Sunset Park Trail. The Museum Trail ends where the newly built extension to the Sunset Park Trail begins across Bayview Drive.

Around 5km outside of our municipal borders on the backroards leading to Juskatla and access to Queen Charlotte, the Golden Spruce Trail is the most well-known trail associated with the Village of Port Clements, despite being outside of our municipal boundaries. It is the path that leads to where the Golden Spruce Tree once stood.