Trails are a main feature within our Village, inviting locals and visitors alike to explore by walking or hiking around. In recent years we have expanded our trail networks to connect our main trail in Sunset Park through to our community centre (conveniently across the road from the newly developed trail at the Museum). This criss-crossing over the heart of our community opens up access to our parks and recreation areas, and provides convenient shortcuts throughout our village.

In total there are three trails within our municipal boundaries: the Millennium Park Trail located in Millenium Memorial Park, the Museum Trail located at the Port Clements Museum and the Sunset Park Trail. The Museum Trail ends where the newly built extension to the Sunset Park Trail begins across Bayview Drive.

Around 5km outside of our municipal borders on the backroads leading to Juskatla and access to Queen Charlotte, the Golden Spruce Trail is the most well-known trail associated with Port Clements. It is the path that leads to where the Golden Spruce Tree once stood.

Millenium Park Trail

Short and sweet, the Millenium Memorial Park Trail is lovely and easy to handle for the average walker. It offers a shortcut from Park Street to Bayview Drive, and allows people to explore and enjoy our lovely park.

Museum Trail

Located at the Port Clements Museum, the Museum trail wraps around the back of the Museum property in a loop that leads back to Bayview Drive. It offers a beautiful view of Stewart Bay, which is affectionately called the ‘mud flats’ at low tide by local residents, with picnic tables and benches that offer a scenic rest spot. Asides from the beautiful waterfront view, the outdoor museum exhibits and shipwreck provide a unique experience. 

Directly across Bayview Drive from the main entrance of the Museum Trail is the entrance to the Sunset Park Trail extension. 

Sunset Park Trail

Starting at the centre of the Village, across the street from the Port Clements Museum, a new path wanders through our community as an extension of the Sunset Park Trail. At Sunset Park itself the enchanting original path still wanders through statuesque trees along the northern shoreline of Port Clements that terminates at the Campgrounds, RV Park and two-story Bird Tower.

Golden Spruce Trail

The Golden Spruce Trail was once home to the Golden Spruce, an internationally famous tree not only for its beauty, unique existence and cultural importance to Haida culture but also by its untimely end.

The Golden Spruce trail lies within Yaaguun Gandlaay protected area outside of our Municipal boundaries, though Port Clements has always been strongly associated with the Golden Spruce trail due to its proximity with it located roughly 5km outside of the Village on the backroads leading to Juskatla and Queen Charlotte. Local residents once enjoyed picnicking and viewing the Golden Spruce.

The Trail is known for how easy it is to walk it as well as its pleasing view of the forest and Yakoun River. In recent years the path has been improved with crush and widened to make the trail more accessible as well as having signage added to provide information of the connection of the Golden Spruce to Haida Culture and its general history.