Rainbow Wharf

Rainbow Wharf is uniquely tied to the origins of our Community. Originally named Queenstown, we were re-named to Port Clements in 1914 after Herb Clements, a local member of Parliament. In exchange for using this name, the community was given a new government wharf which is presently known as Rainbow Wharf.

As such, Rainbow Wharf made the difference in the development and settlement of Port Clements and has been a part of the community since our very beginning. Without it Port Clements would neither be a Port nor a Clements.

Originally owned by the Federal Government, the Wharf was divested to the Province. The Village holds a lease with the Province for use of the Wharf.

The Wharf is open to the public to walk on, though vehicle traffic and vessel moorage are not permitted (and trespass in these regards will be responded to accordingly). Vessel moorage is only permitted at the Village’s Small Craft Harbour located nearby.