Port Clements Museum

The Port Clements Museum, which also serves as the Visitor Information Centre for the Village of Port Clements, mainly focuses on the logging history of Port Clements that has occurred since European contact and the establishment of a community on what would become the Village of Port Clements. It also preserves and captures the other domestic and commercial local history in Port Clements and its surrounding areas.

The Museum is run by the Port Clements Historical Society and first began its operations in 1987 (the Society formed in 1985). It is now home to more than 2,000 artifacts and is home to the memories of our community and residents, including our famous White Raven and a preserved piece of the Golden Spruce Tree. Asides from these artifacts there is also an extensive collection of photo albums, historical newspaper clippings and videos that capture a wide volume of history.

Across the Museum grounds there are several pieces of logging and farming equipment, boat motors, stump pullers and many intriguing pieces that can captivate an audience.

The Museum also has a new trail that loops around the back of the Museum grounds offering a beautiful view of Stewart Bay, complete with picnic tables and benches to sit down and contemplate the view at.