Public Notice: Temporary Road Closures

There will be road construction works on the Rennel Road commencing August 23rd, 2019.

Between August 23-Sept 9th, road users travelling to Rennel Sound should expect 20 minute delays associated with rock quarry works at the 7km mark.

Between September 9th and 11th, the Rennel Road will be closed to all vehicluar traffic for the replacement of a drainage structure at 3.4km. This temporary road closure will prevent vehicular access to:

This Temporary road closure will prevent all vehicular access to:

  • The Rennel Sound Rec Site
  • 5km Beach Trail
  • The Rennel Dry Land Sort
  • Riley Beach Trail
  • Gregory Beach Trail
  • Cone Head Rec Site
  • Bonanza Beach Trail
  • Bill Brown Beach

Please contact the Haida Gwaii Natural Resource District Office at 250 559 6200 for more information.