Public Works

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Contact Information:

  • Water Treatment Plant:  557-4326
  • EMERGENCY After Hours: 557-4272



Sean O’Donoghue – Public Works Superintendant

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Public works department head
  • Advising and informing Council on the operation and affairs of the Village
  • Ensuring that the policies, programs, and directions of Council are implemented
  • Overall management of the Water System
  • Overall management of the Sewer System
  • Overall management of the properties owned by the Village
  • Management of inventory and capital assets owned by the Village





Darlene Ward – Public Works Assistant

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting the Public Works Superintendent to carry out the general maintenance of Village properties and assets.
  • Ensuring that the policies, programs, and directions of Council are implemented

[accordion style=”boxed” open=”no”][accordion_toggle title=”Winter Water Tips”]

A sustained period of iciness and wintery conditions could mean that you are more than likely to experience problems with your water pipes.

Frozen and burst pipes are inconvenient and leaks are often expensive to repair.  Prepare yourself this winter and avoid the unnecessary waste of water and damage to your home that burst pipes can bring.

Act now to protect your property before the weather worsens.

  1. Even a low heat can help you to avoid problems, maintain low heat while you are out during the day, during the night, and if you are away for a few days.
  2. A dripping tap is a sign of a problem and should be fixed.  Event a gentle trickle is water could freeze and block the pipe.
  3. If you have outside taps, insulate them, or even better, turn them off and drain them at their stop tap during the winter period.
  4. Check your home insurance to ensure you are covered for any emergency repairs.
  5. Keep the number of a reputable plumber handy.
  6. Protect your pipes.
  7. Locate and label your stop tap/s, these are usually found in the kitchen or utility room or in a ground floor bathroom or garage.  Look where the water pipe enters the premises.
  8. Leave your loft hatch slightly to allow warm air to enter your roof space.


A leaky faucet can really add up!  Check this website to show water waste.