Getting Here

There are two options on how to get to Haida Gwaii: by air or by sea. Either option (unless sailing by a personal vessel through Masset Inlet to moor at our Small Craft Harbour) will lead a visitor to travel on Highway 16 to get to Port Clements. Most people drive, but hikers and bikers also take to the Highway to get around. Please be advised that there is no public transportation network (no bus routes) on Haida Gwaii.

Getting to Haida Gwaii By Air

There are two airports located on Haida Gwaii, one in the community of Sandspit and the other in the Village of Masset. Both Airports are direct flights to and from Vancouver through Air Canada or Pacific Coastal Airlines, either by the main or south terminal. Sandspit is 80.1km drive South on Highway 16 and a short ferry trip away from the Village of Port Clements, while the Village of Masset is a 42.8km drive North on Highway 16 from Port Clements.

As an alternative, Inland Air Charters offers a regular seaplane route from Masset to Prince Rupert.

Getting to Haida Gwaii By Sea

BC Ferries offers a direct route to Haida Gwaii from the Prince Rupert Terminal to the Skidegate Terminal. This offers a means for foot passengers and vehicles to traverse Hecate Strait, the strait which separates Haida Gwaii from the mainland of British Columbia. The Village of Skidegate is a 58.8km drive South on Highway 16 from the Village of Port Clements.

BC Ferries is not the only means of getting to Haida Gwaii by the sea. Many an intrepid explorer has travelled to Haida Gwaii by their own private boats (typically yachts and sail boats). Crossing the Hecate Strait and then travelling through Masset Sound leads to Masset Inlet and then to the Village Port Clements. The Small Craft Harbour in Port Clements offers a place for boats to moor, if you would like to moor please contact our Village Office.