Essential Worker Permits

Off-Island Essential Workers are required to have a permit for entry onto Haida Gwaii. Port Clements is requiring all non-resident essential workers who are planning to work in Port Clements to submit an application for a permit through the Council of the Haida Nation.

Please follow the link here for more the Essential Work Permit Application. Once completed, the application will be submitted to for review and processing.

As part of the application a Safe Work Plan and Safe Community Plan is required to be submitted.

The Safe Work Plan must identify what behaviour will be seen on the worksite. It must include what preventative measures and procedures will be in place to reduce interactions and possible transmission of COVID-19.

The Safe Community Plan must identify the logistics, self-isolating behaviour, and other preventative measures and procedures that will be implemented to reduce the possible transmission of COVID-19 to our community. Essential Workers are expected and required to be in self-isolation when they are off the worksite. The plan must identify the accommodation that essential workers they will be utilizing for their off-worksite self-isolation, as well as the health-monitoring that will be in place to check for COVID-19 symptoms. It also must identify how logistics for supplies and services will be undertaken to maintain this self-isolation (for example how food will be sourced and brought to site).


We appreciate the risks that essential service workers are taking in coming to our communities to provide needed critical services. This permitting process is meant to provide reassurance to our community, and all the residents on Haida Gwaii, that steps are being taken to reduce and limit the threat posed by COVID-19. Its aim is to reduce the worry, stress and anxiety that arises when there is unclear communication by providing a clear communication structure through permitting. Thank you for participating in this process and understanding our need for information.